Dogs and Donuts misses one key element, the dogs


HUB Happening board with a Dog and Donuts canceled sign that broke students hearts Photo credit: Justin Jackson

No Doggos!

Smiling Students showed up in front of The Hub, Thursday, ready to indulge in the sweetness of a promise of free donuts and dogs. Their smiles quickly turned to frowns, however, when told that there weren’t any dogs to be found.

The Hub still offered free donuts, but with no dogs, some students were still upset. One student was so disappointed that she felt like shedding tears.

“I feel really disappointed and I feel really sad, to the point where I basically want to cry,” said Cheyanne Binford.

The dogs couldn’t make it due to some problems with insurance papers, according to Amanda Widgay, a resident hall advisor.

Widgay also mentioned that even though the dogs didn’t show up this month, they’re planning another Dogs and Donuts next month.

And the dogs will definitely be there.