Podcast: Modern sitcoms look to the past, from ‘Friends’ to ‘New Girl’

You know them, you love them or sometimes you hate them and we’re talking about them. In this week’s podcast, we tackle sitcoms in past and present entertainment, and how these types of shows have evolved.

From “Roseanne,” “Seinfeld” and “Friends,” to “The Office,” “Parks and Recreation” and “New Girl,” the modern situation comedy has changed and matured but still looks back for inspiration to connect with wider audiences. We took the time to dissect what makes the traditional sitcom work, how today’s shows have developed and whether the modern sitcom still has a place in today’s media.

Topic Listings

0:50 – The traditional ’90s sitcom

3:02 The 2000s sitcom

4:10 A change in writing

6:57 Laugh tracks and losing a live audience

8:19 Higher quality in character development

14:23 When shows depend on the “status quo”

16:27 A case for the “comfort food” sitcom

17:46 Conclusion : The end of shows like “The Big Bang Theory”

Look out for our review of the final season premiere of “The Big Bang Theory” on Sept. 25.

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