Bethany Abt presents artwork demo at Chico Paper Company


Bethany Abt working on a canvas during a demo. Photo credit: Alex Coba

The smell of acrylic paint was in the air as Chico Paper Company held its very first live painting demo, featuring one of their own artists, Bethany Abt, Saturday.

The event was free to the public. Participants could come into the gallery section of the business and watch Abt paint in her unique style, as well as try making their own art.

Mini canvases were provided, as well as paint brushes and acrylic paint. Pre-cutout magazine pictures were also given so participants could follow along with Abt’s art style. Participants were also encouraged to ask questions about the art.

Abt has a unique approach when it comes to her art style and the process is quite interesting. The best way Abt can classify her artwork is “organic.”

“That’s the best word I use for it,” said Abt. “I mean really ’cause sometimes they look recognizable and other times they turn into something that doesn’t make sense.”

Abt uses pictures she finds in magazines to begin her projects. These images range from natural landscapes to models posing to simple home decor. Abt then glues a clip she likes onto a canvas and begins from there.


“I don’t use any other reference then what the picture I adhere to the canvas is, and then (I) kind of let my imagination run wild from there,” said Abt.

The company lets all of its artists do a demo and it gives them the opportunity to share their work and process.

“It’s a great way to share what you do and this community is great, that usually gets great people to come in and just want to learn,” said Abt.

Completed artworks by Bethany Abt were displayed at Chico Paper Company. Photo credit: Alex Coba
Supplies available during demo at Chico Paper Company. Photo credit: Alex Coba

The idea to sketch and paint came naturally to Abt as she always found herself doing art in this manner.

“It’s always been how I sketch and it’s the idea of making it a larger scale.” said Abt. “Just, it’s real easy for me – it’s so fun… It gives you creativity and also a starting point which is always hard for artists. So that is always a great thing.”

Many of Bethany Abt’s works are on display at the gallery.

Chico Paper Company’s next event will be the 2018 Art Wine and Music Walk on Friday Oct 5. from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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