Chico State Alumnus talks web tech and Javascript


When learning how to code, HTML and CCS markup language and the beginning steps before getting into JavaScript and more advanced coding development programs. Photo credit: Olyvia Simpson

A Computer Science seminar series was hosted by The College of Engineering, Computer Science and Construction. Eric Mellum, a 2015 Chico State alumnus, presented on development coding and job opportunities within the field at the talk on Friday.

Mellum currently works for the startup company, Quartzy, and has experience working for two other biotech startup companies. Mellum says he tries to return to Chico State each semester to give a tech talk.

“I think being a recent graduate who has found jobs makes me a little bit more relevant,” Mellum said. “I like (students) knowing that anybody can do it.”

Chico State Alumnus, Eric Mellum, gave the science seminar on web development Friday. Mellum currently works at Quartzy in Palo Alto and often comes back to Chico to give technology talks to current computer science students. Photo credit: Olyvia Simpson

Mellum presented practical software engineering techniques and programs to majors and non-majors alike. He spoke on web development, specifically the program JavaScript, and how being familiar with it can boost the chance of landing a job after graduation.

“JavaScript is what allows you to respond to the user’s interactions on a web page,” Mellum said. Research has shown that there are not enough JavaScript developers in the market Mellum also added.

“There is no foreseeable shortage of jobs and opportunities in the land of JavaScript,” he said.

“It’s relevant to a computer science student who either doesn’t know exactly what they want to do, or they want to know there’s a job out there for them,” Mellum said. He added that anyone can learn and benefit from JavaScript, especially with the web becoming an increasingly “global marketplace.”

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