PG&E employees deal with the aftermath of the Camp Fire


A windmill, and the metallic structure of a trailer from Paradise. Photo credit: Josh Cozine

Pacific Gas and Electric Company workers have experienced loss of homes, emotional trauma and acceptance from Paradise residents in the aftermath of the Camp Fire destruction.

PG&E employees went up to Paradise, days after the fire, trying to restore gas and electricity for the community.

“It was very apocalyptic and looked like a bomb went off, it was like a warzone,” said a PG&E worker who decided to remain anonymous for job security.

“It’s stuff you’ve never seen before in your entire life and probably will never see again hopefully,” the anonymous PG&E worker added.

Camp Fire, the deadliest fire in California history, did not spare PG&E employees.

According to Marketing and Communications Principal, Paul Moreno, 95 workers lost their homes and many more were forced to evacuate.

When asked about the safety of employees working Paradise, Moreno stressed the importance of remaining alert in all situations.

“The company urges its team members to remain vigilant and maintain situational awareness whether performing duties at their work location or while traveling to and from job sites,” Moreno said.

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