Associated Students hosts tacos and trivia night


Students lined up to fill their plates at Tacos and Trivia

A handful of students were treated to all-you-can-eat tacos and trivia at the BMU Thursday night.

This is one of many events that Associated Students Productions hosts for Chico State students throughout the semester. Trivia questions varied from science and movies to Chico State facts. Questions were projected onto a screen and answered through the Kahoot app. The lucky winners were treated to a first-in-line spot at the taco bar.

One lucky winner, Gerardo Alvarez, noted that everyone at his table was helping each other guess the right answer.

“It was a team effort- we all helped each other out,” he said.

Associated Students Productions (ASP) is in charge of many entertainment events on campus and puts on a variety of free events for students throughout the semester.

Abraham Tapia, a third-year Chico State student, is the ASP Event Coordinator.

“We do movies, we’re hosting an open mic night this coming week, and we have many more events coming soon,” Tapia said.

When asked about how he likes being a part of the team, he simply responded with “it’s the best.”

Tapia has one main goal this semester; to put ASP back on the map – “More student interaction!

he said.

“We want to see more students at our events.”

To find out more about ASP and future events, visit the Associated Students website and check out their events calendar.

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