Maroon 5, Travis Scott deliver sub-par performance

Super Bowl LIII will likely be remembered as one of the least entertaining Super Bowls to date, and the halftime show was the laughably bad icing on the cake. Adam Levine sounded (and looked) way past his prime and Travis Scott’s entrance only signified our generation’s crushed dreams of “Sweet Victory.”

Not even Maroon 5’s anticlimactic entrance could have prepared us for the mediocrity of the entire show. Big Boi was the only act that was up to par and he was only on stage for about 90 seconds.

As if Adam Levine’s flat singing wasn’t enough, the setlist they chose was about as bland as the 3-0 first half. “She Will Be Loved” may be an appropriate song for a middle school dance a decade ago, but it did not complement the atmosphere of a super bowl to any degree.

Many fans were hoping that the performance of “Sweet Victory” -a reference to a SpongeBob episode dedicated to its late creator, Stephen Hillenburg -would save the show and possibly the whole day. Unfortunately, that performance never happened. The NFL teased us with footage from the episode only for an ill-timed “STRAIGHT UP” from Travis Scott to stomp out any remaining hopes.

To add insult to injury, someone decided that Travis Scott’s trademark autotune shouldn’t be used. Obviously, when someone whose music heavily relies on audio effects performs without any of those effects, they will sound different. In this case, it was terrible. If “Sicko Mode” wasn’t already overplayed, everyone got to hear it at its absolute worst.

Super Bowl LIII is one that everyone would like to forget ⏤ and we likely will in a few weeks. However, the disappointment in the NFL will be long-lasting.

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