Consistent rainfall causes a string of evacuations

6:50 p.m.

Butte County Sheriff’s Office issued evacuation notices for all residents on Alberton Avenue due to flooding in Little Chico Creek Tuesday Evening.


This was followed by another evacuation of the Rock Creek Levee area just 10 minutes later.

The Rock Creek Levee area begins “at the railroad tracks at Anita Road, East to Hamilton Nord Cana Highway, to the railroad tracks at the river crossing and Northeast to the point of origin at the Railroad tracks at Anita Road.” according to Butte County’s latest alerts

7:20 p.m.

A third evacuation notice was issued for all residents on Taffee Avenue, Reavis Avenue, and Chico Avenue between Taffee Avenue and Crouch Avenue.

Rain is expected to continue through the night and possibly all day tomorrow.

Information on evacuations and alerts in your area can be found on the Butte County Sheriff’s website and @ButteSheriff on Twitter.

More information on flooding and evacuations in the area will be posted as soon as possible.

Gordon Papalias can be reached at [email protected] or Twitter @GordonPapalias.