Editor’s picks: Our opinion editor’s songs to reflect on

Everyone needs free time to think out their life. Chill to these tunes over spring break.

100 Bad Days – AJR. This song makes jokes out of your misfortune, but you’re actually laughing along. Listen to this song if you need a positive outlook to get through the day.

Talk – Khalid. Let’s talk our way into healthy relationships. Speaking with a partner about concerns is always better than keeping things bottled up. Listen to this song when you are feeling like you have something to say.

Self Care – Mac Miller. We all have something we are addicted to, we lie to ourselves and say we can do it over and over again in the name of self-care. Let’s all start really caring for ourselves. Listen to this song when you need to take care of yourself.

Mystery of Love – Sufjan Stevens. This song takes me back to watching “Call Me by Your Name” in the theater with my best friend. I cried and changed my whole perspective of love because of that movie. It doesn’t matter how long you love, just that you were able to love. Listen to this song if you are feeling confused about love.

Trojans – Atlas Genius. This song takes it all the way back to high school for me. This was my study jam. Trojans also represents not letting people get in your head. Listen to this song when you need to clear your mind.

Super Rich Kids – Frank Ocean. This song will always take me back to dancing around in my living room. This song takes you on a journey of the “other half.” Listen to this song if you are feeling like floating around your space.

Amy Winehouse – Valerie. Have you ever known you loved someone but had trouble getting the words out? Listen to this song if you are feeling like you just want that special person to come over.

You Know You Like It – AlunaGeorge. This song feels like being the outsider, but you know it’s better than the alternative. Listen to this song if you feel empowered.

bitches broken hearts – Billie Eilish. In some heartbreaks, you know you are the one that made it out easy. Listen to this when you feel on top of the world.

Buzzcut Season – Lorde. Lorde songs always feel like she read my diary and then wrote songs. As an artist who is so easy to relate to, I suggest her entire Pure Heroine album. But this song is unique in its “everything is shit, but it is going to be okay” tone. Listen to this song if you need to reflect on life as we know it.

Bonus Song:

1901- Phoenix. No song screams, dancing in the hallway, Vampire Diaries or youth more than this banger. Listen to this song to be carefree and happy again.

Rachael Bayuk can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter at @BayukRachael.