Featured Artist: Karlie Heynneman enlightens Chico’s yoga scene


Karlie Heynneman led students into multiple poses throughout the event. Photo credit: Melissa Herrera

A Wildcat Recreational Center instructor led Chico State students through yoga exercises at a glowing yoga (Gloga) event in the BMU Auditorium on Tuesday night. Gloga took place in a dark room with blacklights where participants were encouraged to decorate themselves with glow-in-the-dark body paint and glow sticks.

Karlie Heynneman, a Chico State student and dedicated instructor, teaches at three different local venues – the WREC, Chico Sports Club and a new, infrared-heat yoga place called Hothouse.

“My foundation is growing,” Heynneman said. “I want to keep going with it. It’s actually pretty addicting.”

Karlie Heynneman
Karlie showed students her perfect form in each pose. Photo credit: Melissa Herrera

The student has been obsessed with yoga for seven years. She started doing yoga because of a breakdancing injury where she had a back spasm at a dance competition.

“I pretty much couldn’t move for a few hours,” Heynneman said.

Heynneman’s interest in instructing began at a yoga studio in San Luis Obispo. She loved how the classes made her feel. When she moved back to Chico a few months ago and heard about an instructor training her friends were doing, she decided to go for it.

Heynneman highly recommends Gloga.

“It’s fun and it’s beginner-friendly, you don’t have to do yoga to come,” she said. “Yoga is for everyone. There’s always modifications to do so don’t be scared.”

To learn more about future Gloga events visit the Chico State event calendar webpage. For information about yoga classes taught at the WREC, check out the WREC schedule online or ask at the front desk.

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