Tig Notaro clowns on Chico State


Los Angeles Times

Photo courtesy of Bob Chamberlin from Los Angeles Times.

Clowns, internal bleeding, and Adele’s “Hello” — this is what the crowd in Laxson Auditorium enjoyed as quick-witted stand-up comedian, Tig Notaro, performed Saturday night.

Before Notaro took to the stage, the auditorium turned dark and a small film began to play. The film was Notaro’s acclaimed “Clown Service”, a short comedic film that divulges the trials and tribulations of ordering a clown for one person.

The short was based on true events that Notaro experienced while suffering from a break up 20 years prior. The authenticity of Notaro’s one-liners and quips with the service clown, had the crowd bursting with laughter and excitement just minutes into the film.

As the film came to an end, Notaro greeted the crowd on stage, undeniably in her comfort zone. She started her stand up by discussing various aspects of her life, one moment discussing her son’s fascination with penises, the next singing Dolly Parton with the crowd. The show was loaded from start to finish with material that everyone in the audience could appreciate, regardless of age or sex.

At the end of the night, Notaro ended the night with an explosive rendition of Adele’s “Hello”.

The comedian explained that at a birthday party for Ellen Degeneres, she found herself surrounded by talented musicians and artists who performed small sets throughout the party. One of those guests happened to be Adele. Notaro describes the guest’s excitement to hear Adele perform, to which she did not, so Notaro took the matter into her own hands.

She proceeded to ask P!nk if she could perform on stage, slowly exposing her lack of musical expertise, but that didn’t deter her. With unwavering confidence, Notaro belted out the most out of tune, blood curdling cover of “Hello” to ever exist, the whole time knowing Adele was watching; it was iconic.

Notaro displayed this scene for the Laxson Auditorium audience, ending the night with a standing ovation.

To learn more about Tig Notaro’s upcoming shows, information can be found on her website.

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