‘The Addams Family’ provides fall-season fun


Courtesy of Black Cat Photography.

The Chico Theater Company is putting on a production of “The Addams Family” from Sept. 27 to Oct. 20. In honor of Halloween’s fast-approach, the show proved to be a fun evening of musical theatre and a light-hearted introduction to the fall season.

The opening night served as a great first glimpse into what the folks at the Chico Theater Company have in store for September and October. Naturally, the theater was decorated with the essence of the Addams family in mind.

The show is focused on the members of the Addams Family but with an added twist: Wednesday Addams (Kellen Staub) falls in love with a normal boy from Ohio, Lucas Beineke (Casson Scowcroft). The show then follows as the two families navigate their differences and try to accommodate the requests of their children, who are set to be engaged.

Courtesy of Black Cat Photography.

Lauren Sutton-Beattie, who plays Lucas’s mother, Alice in the production, spoke about her interest in musical theater and how her experience has been during her time with the Chico Theater Company.

“I really enjoy the stage and the energy that the audience gives back to people on stage, it’s so addictive and it’s my creative outlet,” she said.

She also said that her time with the theater company has been amazing thus far, “Everyone’s really supportive and everyone’s here for fun.”

Sutton-Beattie added that she had a great time playing Mrs. Beineke in the musical.

“The fun thing about this character is I like to say I don’t actually act,” she said. “It’s very much me, so I get to just be myself, and that’s really fun.”

Courtesy of Black Cat Photography.

With amazing vocals and acting from the entire cast, the musical production of “Addams Family” has something for theater fans of every age.

This production of “The Addams Family” is a great way to celebrate the season with friends and family, and will be playing at the Chico Theater Company from now until Oct. 20.

For more information about tickets, upcoming shows, and “The Addams Family”, visit the Chico Theater Company’s website.

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