HAUS party cancelled

The party was canceled.Photo credit: Salahadin Albutti

EDM enthusiasts wanting to go to Saturday night’s HAUS Party featuring artists
Boots N’ Pants, Charity Strike, Bais Haus and Sex Panther would have found an empty auditorium and “Show Cancelled” sign upon their arrival to the show.

Due to unforeseen events, namely a bus break-down that left all four performing acts stranded in San Francisco, the Union Label had to turn away guests at the door. However, if you bought tickets for the event you can still be reimbursed.

“As of right now it will not be rescheduled,” said Brennan Neilson, Union Label associate. “Tickets can be refunded at University Box Office.”

Despite the unplanned misfortune of HAUS Party’s sudden cancellation, expect to see more events from the Union Label coming up.

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