Fall photo walk teaches aspiring photographers new skills


Jessica Barlett and Jason Halley are very fun awesome Chico State Photographers. Photo credit: Hana Beaty

The university photographers put together a free event for the public to improve their photo-taking abilities and to learn some techniques from the people who do it every day for departments all across campus. This Fall photo walk was a way for fellow photographers to come together and learn more about their passion with a great autumn backdrop for their photos.

University photographers Jessica Bartlett and Jason Halley were there to show the group some tips-and-tricks and talk about their love of photography.

Jason copy 2.jpg
Jason Halley overseeing everyone as they are photographing. Photo credit: Hana Beaty
on camera copy.jpg
You never know; you might be on camera. Photo credit: Hana Beaty

“We’re so passionate about the university and also photography, so it’s the best kind of dynamic,” Bartlett said. “We’re both very passionate about photography and capturing the stories around campus.”

Bartlett also talked about the excitement of getting to share different stories on campus from students and faculty.

checking camera copy 2.jpg
Jessica Barlett examining student's pictures on his phone. Photo credit: Hana Beaty

“It’s like a window to the university,” Bartlett said.

“What I most appreciate about working on campus is just the overwhelming positivity of energy that students carry with them, with their excitement to be here, to grow and expand…it’s so motivating,” Halley said.

group observing copy.jpg
Jason and Jessica took the near the creak where they were surrounded with fall leaves. Photo credit: Hana Beaty

“We started to think of how can we engage our audiences in different ways,” Halley said. “Inherently we were very excited to share what we know and teach, there’s really not much expectations for people to gain beyond just appreciation for the sense of place that we get to enjoy every day.”

The photo walk began outside the Bell Memorial Union, where the photographers guided people of all skill levels around campus to capture photos. Before the walk began, everyone went around and shared what they love most about photography.

Chico High School student Jordan Yunker and faculty member Beth Shook were among the crowd of photographers who took time to share what their love of photography was like.

“Mine was a hobby I picked up when my kids were born,” Shook said. “It was something I could do and still involve them.”

“For me, my dad was a photographer and I always liked looking at pictures he took,” Yunker said. “I like taking pictures of people and capturing their expression.”

The crowd was encouraged to look at things from a new perspective and try to get some interesting new angles of the campus we all know and love.

A wide range of people with an interest in photography attended to gain some knowledge, including faculty members, students, and parents. Each person carried their own story and were equally excited to learn from the best.

With the guidance of the university photographers, Halley and Bartlett, the group was well equipped to take the perfect fall photos. The team emphasized the importance of having fun and being passionate about one’s photos so they can stand out. The group left with some great advice on how to improve their own work.

Danielle Kessler can be reached at [email protected] or @reserv0irpups on Twitter.