Playlist: The perfect study vibes

With midterms around the corner, this situation happens to me all the time.  After sitting down to read the incredibly dense textbook in front of me, I put on my favorite playlist and start reading. A couple pages in, I realize I’m thinking about the lyrics of the song, more than the words on the page. This is a problem, and it’s time to make a new playlist.

This playlist is made up of lofi hip-hop songs because they provide a great atmosphere to study to. For the uninitiated, lofi hip-hop is usually a soft mix of hip-hop beats and jazz.

These songs are all very easy to get lost into and space out into your work. No song has any distracting beats or vocals to throw you off your rhythm.

The playlist below features almost an hour of lofi with almost no understandable words, perfect for your next study session. 

Elijah Ewing can be reached at [email protected].