Luke Sweeney’s Peace Meal Group serenades their ‘hometown’


Photographed By John Ramirez

Grey Loo’s set was filled with electrifying music and lighting to match.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee and the hum of large amps filled Tender Loving Coffee as dozens gathered to watch Luke Sweeney and more perform Friday night. 

Red and green fluorescent lights spilled over the makeshift stage as Grey Loom opened the night with chilling vocals and deep bass. Enchanting the small coffee shop, Grey Loom transformed the small show into a full blown concert. 

Following Grey Loom was another Chico local musician, Seth Prinz. Chico seemed to connect all of the artists through more than just music.

“I know Luke is originally from Chico and he’s a really talented guy,” Prinz said. “I wanted to connect with him because I saw he was playing in Chico and I was interested in his music.”

Prinz stood alone as he performed his favorites, but an overwhelming sense of communal love could be felt as he softly sang his favorite tracks.

Having a similar sound to Grey Loom and Prinz, the transition to headliner Luke Sweeney’s Peace Meal Group was smooth and organic.

“This is my hometown. It’s nice to know that Chico will always be relevant because of a thriving university and local places supporting artists,” Sweeney said. 

The group performed the entirety of side A from Luke Sweeney’s Peace Meal album for the first time ever. 

“It was the first time we had ever gotten through that whole side of the record and the first time we had played the last song on that side,” Sweeney said. “It was a nice change and fun.”

Dozens of songs and coffees later, the night ended with three smiling groups of musicians and a plethora of satisfied listeners. Friday night solidified the certainty of Chico’s music scene in the eyes of locals, reassuring the lifeline for creativity and inspiration downtown.

Melissa Joseph can be reached at [email protected] or @melisstweetz on Twitter.