Quibi breaks the Status Quo

Liam Hemsworth stars as Dodge, a man who participates in a deadly game to in hopes of saving his wife.
Courtesy of Ryan Donegan/Quibi

Somewhere amongst the endless social media feeds, Netflix binge sessions and YouTube rabbit holes, you might have heard about one of the newest up-and-coming streaming services on the market. Quibi is an app with a mission to change the way we think about movies and television. The service has peppered their advertisements across a variety of different platforms including YouTube and cable TV, but their commercials have still left many viewers wondering what exactly Quibi is. 

Quibi features shows that are specifically made to be watched on a phone in roughly 10 minutes or less. This is a strange concept for many, as we often think of success in terms of the big screen and large Hollywood productions. 

Despite this unfamiliar approach, the app has been rising in popularity, especially among a quarantined population looking for fresh and new ways to stay entertained. If you are finding yourself fighting for television time among a house full of people, Quibi might be a good option for you. Check out some of these surprisingly star-studded shows.

Most Dangerous Game: 

  • Liam Hemsworth takes the lead in this no-nonsense thriller. Viewers are thrown directly into a world that seems much like our own, but quickly takes a dark turn. Think “Hunger Games,” but a bit more tangible. 


  • “Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner once again takes the stage in this binge worthy drama. After a deadly accident, we follow Turner’s character as she embarks on a journey of self discovery while fighting against fate — or perhaps, fighting for it. 

Chrissy’s Court:

  • Tea takes a whole new level in this satirical comedy, which pokes fun at shows such as “Judge Judy.” Chrissy Tiegen helps everyday people get through everyday grievances. Perhaps one of the best features of the show is Tiegen’s mother, who acts as the court bailiff on the series. 

Thanks a Million:

  • If you are looking for heartwarming series to give you a break from the coronavirus news, this is the show for you. The show challenges 10 different celebrities to give $100,000 away to people who have impacted their lives, setting off a giving chain that viewers get to watch unfold. 

There are countless other shows to browse, and you can try the app free for 90 days before signing up for a plan.

One thing to note about Quibi is that due to the time constraints, most of the shows throw viewers directly into the action, with build ups and backstories often being revealed later on. This is another unfamiliar way of TV watching than most of us are used to, but is nonetheless engaging to experience. 

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