Fun Cheap day for a college student


Dylan Griffith

Entrance to Bidwell Frisbee Golf Course

Chico State students looking for a cheap and fun reason to get out of the house in a COVID-19-friendly way — and only a few miles from campus — need to look no further than the Peregrine Point disc golf course right off Highway 32 in Bidwell Park.

Access to the course is free and no reservation is required, although players should plan to bring their own discs. Flying discs can be found for around $20 in most Chico’s recreational sports stores. 

Peregrine Point is an 18-hole course on 10 acres of land purchased by the City of Chico in 1994. The course comes with amazing views of Bidwell Park and tons of fun, even for beginners. 

“The best views on a disc golf course ever,” said Scott Shackelford in his review of the course. “Careful on the cliff holes or you’ll lose more than your disc.”

The view from the third hole

This is the view from the third hole on the course, with a view of Bidwell Park from above. Each hole has a bench and a course layout sign for players wishing to take a break. These rest areas are particularly helpful during the longer holes.

During the year the course may become overgrown with brush, but there are always paths and walkways that will lead you throughout the course with little to no problem for the average person. 

The course opened on Feb. 12, 2011, with help from sponsors who covered around $50,000 in supplies. Each hole is named after a sponsor who donated $500 or more. 

The course scored a 4.08 out of 5 from the DG Course Review website and 4.8 out of 5 from Google reviews. It has a little bit of everything for anyone who visits and includes plenty of hiking trails around the area. with hiking trails all around it.

The Chico Outsiders stride for “access to outdoor recreation improves community health, promotes socialization across socioeconomic barriers, and establishes an understanding and appreciation of natural areas.” This course does just that.

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