Staind release second concert in livestream series, celebrate 20th anniversary of ‘Break The Cycle’ album


Shaun Dewberry/Creative Commons

Staind released the second part of their concert series on Saturday, May 8.

“It’s (not) been a while” since Staind’s last livestream event. The first concert in the two-part series debuted on May 1 and the second was on Saturday.

The second concert was recorded at Mill 1 in Open Square in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

During interviews that were interspersed with the concert footage, the band discussed their beginnings in Massachusetts and their career leading up to and including “Break The Cycle.”

The band’s members met in the early 1990s. Their first album was titled “Tormented” and it was released in 1996. 

They toured for a year and a half for their 1999 album “Dysfunction,” which preceded “Break The Cycle.” Staind wanted to strike while the iron was still hot, so they went in to record “Break The Cycle,” their most successful album. 

Staind also released an album version of last week’s concert, called “Live: It’s Been Awhile.”

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