Turn it up at ‘Chico Unplugged!’


Jazmin Ruiz

The stage of Chico Unplugged.

Madison Bear Garden was packed on Nov. 9 after “Chico Unplugged,” the annual acoustic singer-songwriter competition held by Chico State’s School of the Arts. The second event will take place on Tuesday for those who missed last week’s turnout. 

Chico Unplugged is an event that takes SOTA the entire semester to coordinate. MC Angel Tapia said the process starts by locking down the venue, agreeing on a set date and creating posters and QR codes to spread the word. 

“This has been a day one thing since the beginning,” Tapia said.

While the event takes place annually, this year differs from the rest. SOTA was able to coordinate with The Boys and Girls Club with the goal of a charity fundraiser Last Tuesday, SOTA raised $300, aiming to raise $1000 after the second performance. All proceeds will be donated to The Boys and Girls Club. 

Through Chico Unplugged, anyone is able to showcase their talent to the community. The contest was open to everyone, not just Chico State students. The only rules are to perform an original song with an instrument of choice. 

Singers are allowed to be accompanied by a track if they don’t play an instrument. Winners of the competition are provided with a free recording session provided by the recording arts program at Chico State.

“It’s a community thing, we are bringing the community together,” said SOTA student Juan Arcos. “Everyone gets to see the raw talent that Chico has to offer which has been hidden due to COVID.” 

Arcos advises the performers in the event, letting them know their set times and schedules. 

 A fully packed audience witnessed 12 performers take the stage. Audience members were tightly packed together with barely any room to move. Singer songwriters performed a wide variety of musical genres, ranging from rock to R&B. 

 “We had such a great turnout last Tuesday,” said Brandon Earley who monitors the performers and other SOTA students. “Our goal for next week is to raise more money and communicate more for next week’s event.”

Chico Unplugged’s next performance takes place Tuesday from 7-9 p.m. at Madison Bear Garden. Entry is free and everyone is welcome. 

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