September fit checks


Victoria Sasere sitting in front of the science building. Photo taken Sept. 27 by Molly Myers.

Victoria Sasere, second year biology major, wearing Adidas shoes, cargo pants and a black tank top. 

Student in hall wearing long red dress
Student Marina Reynoso in Holt Hall. Photo taken Sept. 29 by Molly Myers.

Marina Reynoso is a second year sociology major, though she is hoping to change majors soon. Marina is wearing a thrifted dress, fake Dr. Marten shoes, socks from Shien, bracelets and rings from various crystal and vintage shops and a necklace from El Salvador.   

student walking through wooded part of campus in fluffy pink garb
Lindy Howenstein walking through campus. Photo taken Sept. 21 by Molly Myers.

Lindy Howenstein is a second year studio arts major. Lindy is wearing a mostly thrifted outfit. The coat and shirt were gifts.