October fit checks


Students Jayme Willis, Ny’Erica Walden and Milo Bruschke dripped out. Photos by Molly Myers collaged on Nov. 13.

Student Jayme Willis posing for picture in a thrifted outfit
Student Jayme Willis posing for her fit check outside of Butte Station. Photo taken Nov. 1 by Molly Myers.

Jayme Willis, a senior communication studies major, likes to emulate themes with her outfits. Her style ranges from “skater boy to preppy.” This outfit is “giving Harry Potter for some reason,” she said.

  • Jacket – thrifted
  • Shirt – thrifted
  • Pants –  Ace Hardware
  • Shoes – Dr. Martens
  • Beanie – Mossy Oak
  • Earrings – Claire’s 
  • Necklace – Etsy
  • Rings – blue ring thrifted and evil-eye ring from a flea market in San Francisco
Walden in Holt Hall wearing cute mummy pjs
Student Ny’Erica Walden posing for a fit check in Holt Hall. Photo taken Oct. 20 by Molly Myers.

Ny’Erica Walden is a sophomore studying psychology. The festive pajamas she is wearing were a gift from her girlfriend who has a matching set. 

bright yellow Nike shoes
Ny’Erica Walden’s bright Nike shoes. Photo taken Oct. 20 by Molly Myers.
  • Pajamas – Walmart 
  • Shoes – Nike, purchased at Footlocker 
Milo Bruschke wearing a dark fashionable outfit
Student Milo Bruschke posing for a fit check outside near Plumas Hall. Photo by Molly Myers, Oct. 20.

Milo Bruschke is a sophomore studying computer animation and game development. Most of what he wears was either gifted to him or originally came from a costume.

 “I don’t give a shit about brands,” Bruschke said. “I just want to look cool.”

  • Jacket – Forever 21, “probably”
  • Shirt – Hot Topic
  • Pants – Target
  • Shoes – Target
  • Tie – Bruschke’s dad’s closet 
  • Gloves – gift from parents
  • Pins – Hot Topic
  • Mask – made by Bruschke’s mom
  • Bracelet – made by Bruschke’s girlfriend

Molly Myers can be reached at [email protected].