Weekly fit check: Valentine’s Day


Close up of Iseley’s V-Day fit. Photo taken Feb. 14 by Ellie Marty near Modoc Hall.

Love was in the air, and in student apparel, last week with the annual celebration of Valentine’s Day. 

Mahlet Iseley, a sophomore studying psychology, dressed to impress. To say she was on theme for the holiday would be an understatement. 

Iseley's outfit from afar
Iseley posed near Modoc Hall. Taken Feb. 14 by Ellie Marty

Iseley was decked head-to-toe in notes of red. There were traces of hearts visible throughout her entire outfit, making her a walking embodiment of the holiday.  

She described her style as “eclectic and coordinated,” and shared some fashion advice to her peers. 

“Let your fashion be self expression or let it be your comfort for the day, but never buy from exploitative companies,” said Iseley. “Go to thrift stores if you don’t have enough money to buy from retail.”

Bandana — Show Love Thrift

Glasses — Roommate’s

Dress — TC Printshop

Belt — The Discovery Shoppe

Cardigan — Depop

Tights — Amazon purchased with gift card. Iseley requested that this detail be included because she recommends staying away from exploitative companies. 

Shoes — Lunar Market

Bag — Thrifted

Face gem — Joann
Jewelry — Gifted, thrifted, Chico markets, Super Silver and The Peddler’s Closet