Weekly fit check: Cesar Chavez Day edition


This week’s three featured fits. Pictured left to right: Sharon McDonald, Patrick Pierson and Julia Toscani. Taken March 31 by Ellie Marty on Ivy Street.

On March 31, Cesar Chavez Day, Wildcats strolled the streets in celebration of a Chico tradition: waking up at sunrise and drinking until alcohol seeped from their pores. 

This week’s fit check highlights three juniors at Chico State who were spotted along frat row.

Julia Toscani, a third-year interior architecture major, describes her style as “practical, vintage and classy.” 

outfit #1
A full-body view of Julia Toscani’s fit. Taken March 31 by Ellie Marty on Ivy Street.

“I love looking to cool women such as Zoë Kravitz or Enya Umanzor for inspiration and lean towards anything unique and chic,” Toscani said. 

When it comes to building a good outfit, she looks toward a mix of textures and fabrics. Her favorite accessories are petite handbags and a good set of rings. 

Toscani said that a good outfit is made up of whatever makes someone feel good and most themselves in.

Sweatshirt – Borrowed

Shirt – Thrifted, brand Club Monaco

Pants – Target

Shoes – Thrifted, brand Converse

Jewelry – Gifted and antique shops

Bag – Gifted

Sunglasses – Borrowed

Sharon McDonald, a junior majoring in child development, describes her style as “chill and pretty casual.” Her go-to outfit is a nice pair of jeans and a T-shirt, but she loves to dress up on occasion. 

outfit #2
Back view of Sharon McDonald’s outfit. Taken March 31 by Ellie Marty on Ivy Street.

Similar to Toscani, McDonald said that a good outfit is “something you feel comfortable and confident in.” “ I also love when I see a unique piece,” McDonald added.

While she does not have any specific fashion icons, McDonald is usually inspired by attire she has observed in film, especially from ‘90s movies. Her favorite accessory is her clay cat pendant, pictured with more detail below.

“I literally wear it every day and get a lot of nice compliments on it,” McDonald said.  

Jacket – Juicy Couture

Shirt – Vive Maria

Pants – Brandy Melville

Shoes – Converse

Pendant – From a local artist based in Petaluma   

Patrick Pierson is a junior anthropology major who describes his style as “simple yet standout-ish.” He prioritizes accessorization when it comes to picking out an outfit, and is inspired by straightforward attire involving color schemes. 

outfit #3
Patrick Pierson posing in his boozy fit. Taken March 31 by Ellie Marty on Ivy Street.

“I love to accessorize through jewelry. I have a ton of earrings, rings and necklaces,” Pierson said. 

Pierson explained that the mesh of colors and ooh-ah details are what create a good outfit, according to his standards.

“I love the simple but meticulous look,” Pierson said. 

Regarding what Pierson finds to be iconic in the fashion industry he said, “anything GolfWang.” 

Button-up – Thrifted

Shirt – Macy’s

Pants – Macy’s

Shoes – Macy’s

Jewelry – Thrifted

Ellie Marty can be reached at [email protected] .