Weekly fit checks: Men moment


Stephen Caldes and Callum Standish pose for this week’s featured fits. Taken April 25 near Plumas Hall by Ellie Marty.

Name: Stephen Caldes

Position at Chico State: Associate Professor, Fall ‘23

Hometown: Westfield, MA

How do you describe your style?: Normcore for sure, but with splashes of sartorial preppy and distressed workwear.”

Fashion icons: “Normcore God Shia LaBeouf of course! But I also love the ‘high-low’ aesthetic of Kristen Stewart; she crushes the effortlessly cool faded T-shirt and distressed jeans getup, but also stuns with haute, high-fashion looks on the red carpet.”

The fit:

Sunglasses – Woodzee, brand Raen

Button-up – J.Crew

Jacket – Nordstrom Rack, brand Ben Sherman

Pin – Gifted, brand Ben Sherman

Jeans – Buck Mason, Japanese selvedge denim

Tote – Patagonia clearance 

Shoes – Nordstrom Rack, brand Dr. Martens, Japanese Sukajan Souvenir Edition. Caldes requested to include that he acquired them in the women’s department. 

Name: Callum Standish

Major: Journalism, news option

Hometown: Castro Valley

How do you describe your style?: “Vintage on a budget . . . You could call it normcore, but I hesitate to call myself anything ‘-core.’ I just like fun, simple outfits and often try to get some color involved. I keep things relatively understated and practical, avoiding logos.”

“Overall I like a good deal and I try not to take myself too seriously.” 

Fashion icons: “It’s on the nose, but I really enjoy the fashion in Seinfeld and other shows and movies from the [‘90s] era. I’ve spent a lot of time around old hippies so they influenced my style as well.”

The fit:

Shirt – Thrifted

Jeans – Dorm move-out cop, brand Carhartt

Shoes – Dorm move-out cop, brand Nike

Bag – Gifted, brand Burton. Standish added, “I love the color and design, like ‘maybe that guy’s going to read a book at a coffee shop,’ something I can’t say I’ve ever actually done.”