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Ice Nine Kills’ new deluxe album; horror movie guessing game

Almost all of the songs on Ice Nine Kills’ new deluxe album references various horror films, can you guess what they are?
Ice Nine Kills’ 2023 “The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood Under Fire Deluxe” album. Courtesy: Fearless Records

It’s time to have a spirited-good time with Ice Nine Kills’ new deluxe album, “The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood Under Fire Deluxe,” released on Friday.

Ice Nine Kills is a horror-core, heavy-metal, hardcore punk band founded in 2002. The deluxe album pulls songs from the 2021 “Welcome to Horrorwood: The Silver Scream 2,” album but also includes a new single and remix.

Most of the songs on the album are inspired by popular horror-genre media, so grab your favorite spirits and some friends to guess what films are hinted at.

Thirteen horror-film-inspired songs are split into three levels: easy, medium and hard. The answers are at the end of the article. No cheating.

As you’re getting those shots ready, the first two songs on the album perfectly explain the horror-filled concept.


The “Opening Night…” voiceover sets up the crime scene that is Horrorwood. The true crime documentary-style voice connects the album’s contents with the “alleged” crimes of the lead singer Spencer Charnas.




This leads into the title song “Welcome to Horrorwood,” which provides a deeper meaning to Horrorwood by showing the true terror that exists in real-world Hollywood and how commonplace villains are there.




All four of the songs in this level directly reference the related horror films, so it won’t be that hard … right?

“Take Your Pick,” featuring Corpsegrinder 

The Feb. 14-themed lyrics reference simple quotes from its designated horror film. The heavily scream-core elements meld with intricate metal beats and chords to create a power song. The music video has even more hints.

What horror film does “Take Your Pick” reference?


The traditional spooky musical elements create a windy flow with verbose descriptions of the escaped spirits that roam. The Book of the Dead, and its readers, may be at fault. 

What horror film does “Ex-Mørtis” reference?

“Farewell II Flesh”

“Farewell II Flesh” opens with deceptively sweet lyrics, vocals and piano elements. However, sweet soon turns sour as the story progresses to reveal the man at fault.

What horror film does “Farewell II Flesh” reference? 

“Meat and Greet”

Ice Nine Kills’ brand new song “Meat and Greet” opens with a dramatic piano overture and creepy voiceover that drags the listeners into its terrifyingly bloody depths. The music video provides even more clues.

What horror film does “Meat and Greet” reference?


Now it’s going to get a bit harder. These four songs do not directly reference the related horror films, but there are plenty of hidden clues.

“A Rash Decision”

The simple melody leads into a bold, punching hook that holds multiple clues to the type of fever in the air.

What horror film does “A Rash Decision” reference?

“Assault and Batteries”

This song opens with a hilarious, fabricated and clue-infested news clip and advertisement. Who knew a toy doesn’t need batteries to roam? The music video provides even more clues.

What horror film does “Assault and Batteries” reference?

“The Shower Scene” and “The Shower Scene – Acoustic”

The album includes both versions of “The Shower Scene,” which clearly references their related film, that is … if you know film history … just look at the title. The music video provides even more clues.

What horror film does “The Shower Scene” reference? 

“Funeral Derangements”

From ashes to ashes, dust to dust, this lively, fun anthem makes the argument that maybe death is better. The music video provides even more clues

What horror film does “Funeral Derangements” reference?


We’re in the home stretch now, if you can figure these five songs out, you’re definitely a horror lover.

“Rainy Day” and “Rainy Day – SPLNTR remix”

The album includes two versions of “Rainy Day,” and both reference not only a popular horror film series, but the original video game series as well. While the organization responsible for the droves of undead remains unnamed, it may get rainy. The music video provides even more clues

What horror film game does “Rainy Day” reference?

“Hip To Be Scared,” featuring Jacoby Shaddix

To hell with bad intentions, for this song is an easy bop that you can’t help singing along to, but the psychotic tendencies echoed could be deadly. The music video includes even more clues

What horror film does “Hip To Be Scared” reference?

“The Box,” featuring Brandon Saller and Ryan Kirby

Ice Nine Kills’ vocal layers and lyrics resemble the same hellish puzzles that riddle the related film.

What horror film does “The Box” reference? 

“F.L.Y.,” featuring Buddy Nielsen

This ballad tries to find the line between learning to fly and playing God. The title seems obvious, but do the lyrics follow along?

What horror film does “F.L.Y.” reference?

“Wurst Vacation”

This Ice Nine Kills song is probably the hardest to identify, the code-switching may be the easiest clue.

What horror film does “Wurst Vacation” reference? 

Here are the answers:


  1. “Take Your Pick” = “My Bloody Valentine,” 1981 and 2009 remake  
  2. “Ex-Mørtis” = “The Evil Dead,” 1981 and 2013 remake  
  3. “Farewell II Flesh” = “Candyman,” 1992 and 2021 remake  
  4. “Meat and Greet” = “The Silence of the Lambs”


  1. “A Rash Decision” = “Cabin Fever,” 2002 and 2016 remake  
  2. “Assault and Batteries” = “Child’s Play,” 1988 and 2019 remake  
  3. “The Shower Scene” = “Psycho” 
  4. “Funeral Derangements” = “Pet Sematary,” 1989 and 2019 remake  


  1. “Rainy Day” = “Resident Evil”
  2. “Hip To Be Scared” = “American Psycho”
  3. “The Box” = “Hellraiser,” 1987 and 2022 remake  
  4. “F.L.Y.” = “The Fly,” 1958 and 1986 remake  
  5. “Wurst Vacation” = “Hostel”

“The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood Under Fire Deluxe” is available on multiple platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp.

Ariana Powell can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected].

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