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A rockin’ showdown at KCSC’s The Battle of The Bands

Juliet Perry
The band, Sleep Lagoon, mid-performance at Battle of The Bands. Photo by Juliet Perry.


The sounds of alternative, rock and indie music echoed through the evening as local bands gave their all for KCSC Radio’s Battle of The Bands on Nov. 9 at the Trinity Lawn.

Six bands played with verve and passion through three rounds to win a photoshoot and filmed studio live session produced by KCSC, Chico State’s student-run radio station. The station’s board of directors determined the first-place winner, and it was certainly a close call.

The bands that performed were Infinite Kamikaze, Sleep Lagoon, Alexi and the Creatures, Not The Same, Booked by Mistake and D-Va.


The setlist was determined spontaneously, with the hosts Sophia Aujero, general manager of KCSC, and Nadia Dizard, production director, spinning a wheel of the bands’ names to determine who rocked the stage next. 

Each band rocked and rolled, bringing a unique energy onto the stage. As the first round came to an end, three bands were eliminated, leaving Sleep Lagoon, Not the Same and D-Va to face off for runner-up and first place. 

The second round consisted of songs that dove further into each band’s personality. 

After three more impressive, mosh-pit-provoking performances, judges made the tough call to eliminate D-Va, a band that got together just 27 days before their performance. 

“It was really fun that no one knew who we were, and we just got to introduce ourselves to the world here on Chico State’s campus,” Ellie Stehr, AKA “Smelly,” lead singer of D-Va, said.

Sleep Lagoon and Not The Same went head-to-head in the last showdown. In a close call, the judges voted Not The Same this year’s first-place winner. 

Logan Dunbar, the lead singer of Not The Same, said winning first place in the event was “very humbling, affirming and rewarding” and discussed how great it was to perform with her talented bandmates to bring her lyrics and music composition to fruition. 

The runner-up, Sleep Lagoon, was optimistic and grateful for the opportunity to come out and play with other bands. 

Battle of The Bands not only warmed up a chilly Thursday night but allowed artists to show off their talents at no cost. Overall, the musicians were happy to have an event where they could perform for people of all ages in a place with high accessibility.

“It’s nice to get a huge crowd, bigger than most of the bar scenes, and everyone can make it.”

— Adil Syed, Bassist for Not The Same.

One thing is certain with KCSC’s Battle of The Bands: it allows both musicians and students to enjoy the present moment through the sound of music. The spirit of the night was nothing short of lively and provided a sense of a positive and embracing community among Chico State’s Wildcats. 


Juliet Perry can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected].

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Juliet Perry
Juliet Perry, Reporter
Juliet Perry is a fourth-year student majoring in public relations with a minor in social media production and analysis. Born and raised in Roseville, CA, she’s had a passion for writing since she was a kid, one example being that she wrote weekly newsletters about the cats of her household at the age of 7. This is Juliet’s first-semester writing for the Orion, and she will be covering arts and entertainment. Music and the arts are a true passion of hers, and she looks forward to reporting on local Chico artists. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, skiing, getting creative, and spending time outdoors.

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