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Humans of Chico State

Maddy Butler shares the most unexpected moment in her life. Photo credit: Sean Martens

Sean Martens

October 31, 2016

This is Maddy Butler, a 21 year old junior at Chico State. She is getting her degree in international relations with a minor in women's studies. When asked what the craziest, most unexpected moment of her entire life was, she replied by saying, "Ok, well it's not very happy though." After promptly telling...

Humans of Chico State

Kelly Candelaria, English Professor at Chico State. Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell

Cortneanne Campbell

October 26, 2016

Kelly Candelaria has been an English professor at Chico State since 2010. One of the classes she teaches here is ENGL 350, which deals with ethical dilemmas in science fiction. She has always been a fan of science fiction, so teaching a class about it really interested her."Science fiction allows us to loo...

Humans of Chico State

Doug Cue, senior construction management major shares his passion for rock climbing and the importance of traveling. Photo credit: Franky Renteria

Franky Renteria

October 22, 2016

"As I got closer to graduation, the reality of 50 to 60 hour work weeks is sinking in. I'm excited for the opportunities I have ahead of me; but i know that I need to take advantage of the rest of the time I have before I start working in SF. The 12 days of vacation time I get when I start working is...

Humans of Chico State

Senior sociology major, Joon Hyung Park, shares his views on the

Franky Renteria

October 12, 2016

"I'm a first generation immigrant and had to acclimate to America quicker than anybody else. Either sink or swim into the American dream. And sometimes it's hard to maintain these to dichotomies of my identities. Personally, America felt like that big brother you would constantly fight with everyday,...

Humans of Chico State

Senior media arts major, Brandon Realmonte, shares his experiences with school and the importance of creativity. Photo credit: Franky Renteria

Franky Renteria

September 29, 2016

"I've never been interested in school. Mostly because I've always felt like I wasn't meant for the classes that I was forced to take. I used to sit in the back of my classrooms in high school making beats on my laptop. I ended with a 2.6 GPA, simply for the fact that it allowed me to play sports. I ...

Momentum offers second chance for dancers

Danielle Pubill

September 28, 2016

Six years ago dancers were welcomed at Chico State until the funding for the program was cut. Without an opportunity for the students to showcase their talents, the Momentum dance team was formed, giving the dancers a second chance.The Momentum Dance team has grown significantly since its original formation...

Humans of Chico State

Vincent Urbina, junior Media Arts major Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros

Jae Siqueiros

September 19, 2016

Vincent Urbina, junior media arts major, is also a tutor for the Student Learning Center.“All I do at the center is talk to people. It’s a customer service job," Urbina said. "It has definitely brought up my confidence. It’s helped me be more outgoing.”Urbina dreams of becoming a filmmaker. He wants to own his ow...

Humans of Chico State

Destiny Delgado, a first year social work major at Chico State shares how she envisions her future. Photo credit: Sean Martens

Sean Martens

September 13, 2016

When first year social work major Destiny Delgado was asked what she envisioned her life to be in the future, she replied:"Well, I am getting my degree in social work, but I guess I would like to work with foster children."Destiny seemed hesitant about picturing a set image of her future self since she j...

When the sun goes down at Monstros Pizza

Vocalist of

Matthew Manfredi

September 8, 2016

Unlike downtown, Wednesday night is quiet on West Sacramento Avenue. There’s Tony’s Liquor, apartment buildings, houses and Nettleton Stadium sits quietly in the distance, but then there’s Monstros Pizza. Guitar amps are turned up, microphones feed back and hot slices of pizza slide across the counter...

Humans of Chico State

Senior child development major, Sydney Young, shares her thoughts on her future and career goals as graduation approaches. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros

Jae Siqueiros

September 2, 2016

"I can see the graduation finish line and as it approaches all I can say is that I'm clueless. I have no idea what career choice I'm going to take, and it's starting to get really scary. Everyone always tells me that I'll figure it out. Like it's that easy. I'm staring down the black hole that is adult...

Hundreds gather for third annual Chico Con

Alric of Bearhaven finishes Leif of Bearhaven with one final blow. Photo credit: Sean Martens

Sean Martens

August 28, 2016

          Knights dawned their weapons and battled for the masses behind the Chico Elks Lodge for the third annual Chico-Con. The convention is an event for comic enthusiasts to come together for a day of contests, vendors and special events. The biggest crowds were drawn to t...

Humans of Chico State

Senior Nutrition & Food Sciences major, Kayley Jimenez, shares her love for nature and the beauty Chico has to offer. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros

Jae Siqueiros

August 27, 2016

"I'd never really been interested in the wilderness until I moved to Chico. Lassen is my hidden gem now. The trees, the clear lakes, the open sky and a nice cliff bar make for a great day trip. Once I was hiking Lassen with a friend, I didn't realize how excited I was to show them the hydrothermal ar...

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