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Student enriches mind, soul through Miss America pageants

Caelin Nieto, a junior communication studies major, greets and talks with children at the Read Across America event this year in Gilroy. Photo courtesy of Caelin Nieto

Alisa Thorsen

May 11, 2015

After learning she wouldn't be able to attend college because of financial restrictions, Caelin Nieto turned to Miss America competitions, something she thought she would never do. However, after only a few years doing the pageants, her view on the contests completely shifted, she said. “If your dreams aren’t scaring you...

University Farm nourishes real-life skills for students

Junior agriculture education major Austin Weatherby describes how he has grown as a person and employee through working at the University Farm. Photo credit: Alisa Thorsen

Alisa Thorsen

May 4, 2015

When the alarm clock sounds at 7 a.m., most students press the snooze button for a few more minutes of sleep. But junior agriculture education major Austin Weatherby has arrived at the university orchards and is ready to embark on a full day of work. Chico State's University Farm provides different educational experiences to studen...

Chico State celebrates Earth Day

Chico State is hosting numerous events to celebrate Earth Day, a holiday dedicated to protecting the environment. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Alisa Thorsen

April 22, 2015

1969 was a year that proved the United States could put a man on the moon. A year remembered for the Woodstock musical festival in New York. Yet, few remember the oil spill that polluted 35 miles of the California coastline. On Jan. 28, 1969, an rig exploded on the shoreline of Santa Barbar...

Survivor rebuilds life after battling Lyme disease

Briana Beaver, a Chico State alumna, endured several painful symptoms for years nearly died before doctors diagnosed her with Lyme disease in December. Photo courtesy of Briana Beaver.

Alisa Thorsen

April 7, 2015

“I have been in survival mode the last three years.” Within one hour, Briana Beaver, a Chico State alumna, may experience nearly a hundred painful, crippling symptoms. Beaver has Lyme disease, which is an infection spread by ticks that can affect any organ of the body. This Includes the brain,...

Honoring the legacy of Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez bettered the lives of many farm workers in California by leading peaceful protests and boycotts for equal rights. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Alisa Thorsen

March 31, 2015

As they picked grapes underneath the scorching California sun, the migrant farm workers of 50 years ago were only given one cup of water to last the whole day. They shared this cup with the other workers and had to pay a fee to fill it up with water. This was just one of the many abuses farm workers in the United States had t...

Women’s History Month: Chico State edition

Women's History Month: Chico State edition

Alisa Thorsen

March 25, 2015

Alisa Thorsen can be reached at [email protected] or @alisathorsen on Twitter.  

Chico State faculty, staff hit the ground running

Journalism professor Michael Griffin runs the Waldo 100K in Oregon.

Alisa Thorsen

March 9, 2015

For many people, running the mile in high school physical education class was enough for a lifetime. But for some Chico State employees, running is not just a hobby — it's a way of life. Outside of the classroom, many professors participate in intensive marathon training in their spare tim...

Students think green for dorm sustainability competition

Elise Resh, first-year pre-nursing major, does her part to conserve energy by using her heater and cooler as little as possible. Photo credit: Alisa Thorsen

Alisa Thorsen

March 3, 2015

After a tiring day of school, Megan Moran would walk into her Lassen Hall dorm room, flip on her light switch and turn on the heater. After a long shower and half a load of laundry later, Moran would be ready to call it a night and leave her desk lamp on for her roommate. "I had no idea how much energy I was wasting," sai...

Volunteer discovers meaning through charitable work

Emily Hilbers, a sophomore business management major, volunteers in the Dominican Republic during a summer trip. During those four weeks she spent time repairing homes and teaching local schoolchildren. Photo courtesy of Emily Hilbers.

Alisa Thorsen

February 24, 2015

Whether it's exploring the mysteries of a sunken ship, horseback riding through caves or making a difference in impoverished cities, Emily Hilbers' adventures never seemed to cease while volunteering abroad. Last summer, the sophomore business management major signed up for a four-week intern...

Student finds purpose through charitable work with children

Andee Wunno, senior communication and sciences disorders major, has dedicated almost eight years of her life to volunteering with children. Photo credit: Alisa Thorsen

Alisa Thorsen

February 17, 2015

Teaching how to tell time and tie shoes may be involved in teaching children with special needs, but Andee Wunno finds that building meaningful friendships with children is just as important. Wunno, a senior communication sciences and disorders major, has been a part of CAVE, a volunteer organization on campus, since her first ...

Students embrace solo Valentine’s Day

Kiara Rickson, first year pre-nursing major, is spending her first Valentine's Day single in five years. Rickson said she is excited to explore the holiday without the limitations of a relationship. Photo credit: George Johnston

Alisa Thorsen

February 11, 2015

Many students dread the thought of being single on Valentine's Day, but there are many ways to make this holiday a blast without being in a relationship.Single Chico State students provided four different options on how to make this season of love exciting for those who may be experiencing it solo. 1. Love i...

Students, downtown businesses reap mutual benefits

Josh Mills and Muir Hughes, owners of The Bookstore in downtown Chico, were able to buy the business in 2013 after raising more than $35,000 through crowdfunding on the Internet. Hughes said they both grew up in Chico and have a close connection to the community. Photo credit: Alisa Thorsen

Alisa Thorsen

February 7, 2015

From restaurants to tattoo parlors and everything in between, downtown Chico is home to many different businesses. While these businesses contribute to student life in Chico, they also rely heavily on the influx of students during when school is in session. The downtown area is the heart of Chico, said...

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