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Editor’s Picks: Our sports editor’s top 10 songs

Ricardo's playlist that he puts on at all times of the day.

Ricardo Tovar

March 8, 2019

Music is a strange thing for me, I don't seek it out and don't stay updated as most people do. Occasionally, I hear something from a friend and I like the band/performer and look them up. So a lot of songs I listen to are pretty dated, but this playlist is still full of songs from all across my life...

What’s the deal with Apple Music?

What's the deal with Apple Music?

Elias Denny

September 14, 2016

Apple Music's recent history of streaming select artist's highly anticipated albums exclusively on their service sparks controversy among millennial music streamers. Chico State students share their thoughts on how Apple Music affects the way they listen to music. Elias Denny can be reached at artsedit...

Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’- Nostalgic, yet futuristic

Screenshot of Frank Ocean's song

Carly Plemons

August 28, 2016

After four years of anticipation and lost hopes, Frank Ocean's newest masterpiece, "Blonde," dove into the hearts of its listeners; or at least of those who could listen to it due to its exclusivity on Apple Music. Ocean's newest and most awaited release has a mix of nostalgic, yet futuristic sound. Th...

Music streaming comes at a price

Alicia Knight, junior psychology major, shares which streaming site she prefers and why. Photo credit: Romeo Espinal

Carly Plemons

March 27, 2016

Watch video at end of story for student responses. Music streaming is a necessity for most music fanatics, and different platforms often inflict debates among opposing users. However, in order to get the music you want, it all comes at a price. Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and other applications compete agai...

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