Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’- Nostalgic, yet futuristic


Screenshot of Frank Ocean's song "White Ferrari". Photo credit: Carly Plemons

After four years of anticipation and lost hopes, Frank Ocean’s newest masterpiece, “Blonde,” dove into the hearts of its listeners; or at least of those who could listen to it due to its exclusivity on Apple Music.

Ocean’s newest and most awaited release has a mix of nostalgic, yet futuristic sound. The album almost feels as though the listener is reading a journal or diary written by Frank Ocean yearning for what once was.

The music illustrates a new, more evolved sound of Ocean that most aren’t accustomed to. For example, the songs “White Ferrari” and “Godspeed” are great illustrations of this. With a four year gap from “Channel Orange” to “Blonde,” this evolution is something to be expected.

“Every song almost feels like it has another song inside of it,” junior criminal justice major, Jose Nunez said. “It kind of just takes you on a really vivid journey in every song.”

Nunez felt like “Channel Orange” encompassed songs that were sort of expected and started the same way they would end. In contrast, “Blonde” was astonishing from start to finish; even the way he released the album caught Ocean fans off guard.

“I think the album symbolized him just kind of doing his own thing in his own space and the world is just tuned in now because everyone’s interested. He’s unfazed by it, he’s not even paying attention,” said Nunez.

There seemed to be mixed emotions that most people who listened to the album felt. Since those who don’t have Apple Music can’t listen to the album, the range of listeners is limited creating an overwhelming sense of selectiveness and mystery that Ocean already had associated with him.

The album’s versatility ranged from interviews within songs, acoustic harmonies and entrancing lyrics that make the listener want to travel to another time: a more evolved Frank Ocean. Ocean credits artists like Beyonce, The Beatles, Kanye West and many more to his album.

From years with no sign of Frank Ocean to an album, a visual album entitled “Endless” and a new video for his song “Nikes,” Ocean runs with an overwhelming element of surprise and this album won’t disappoint.

Carly Plemons can be reached at [email protected] or @plemnz on Twitter.