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Chico State reduces water usage by 43 percent

Chico State is making an effort to conserve water by not watering lawns and embracing the dead look. Photo credit: Alicia Brogden

Austin Herbaugh

August 30, 2015

It's hard not to notice the dead lawns when walking around campus. Signs that read things such as "brown is the new green" are hard to miss. Cutting off water to some lawns is just one of Chico State's multiple efforts to cut back on water use, and they are now paying off.Since the beginning of summer, Chico Stat...

Rotting cedar tree to be removed Sunday

The California incense cedar will be removed Sunday after it was found to be rotting from the inside. Photo credit: David Mcvicker

David Mcvicker

October 10, 2014

University Housing and Food Service removed two trees Sunday between Tehema and Whitney halls. The larger of the two, a California incense cedar, showed signs of extreme decay and was at risk of falling during wind storms according to a Chico State press release.The other, a smaller yew tree, was removed to mak...

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