Rotting cedar tree to be removed Sunday

The California incense cedar will be removed Sunday after it was found to be rotting from the inside. Photo credit: David Mcvicker

University Housing and Food Service removed two trees Sunday between Tehema and Whitney halls.

The larger of the two, a California incense cedar, showed signs of extreme decay and was at risk of falling during wind storms according to a Chico State press release.

The other, a smaller yew tree, was removed to make room for the planting of another California incense cedar.

“I will be replacing the cedar tree in a nearby area, but where there is a lot less concrete,” said Luisa Garza, lead grounds keeper.

One of the reasons the cedar tree is rotting is when the campus expanded, its roots were cut to make room for buildings, roads and sidewalks, Garza said. This, and the loss of the tree’s crown, caused the cedar to take up unneeded water and begin to rot.

“My heart is so sadden by the loss of the beautiful giant,” she said.

The arboretum committee, a group on campus charged with protection of the campus’ tree population, is currently discussing rules to protect tree roots from being cut for future expansion, Garza said.

The tree was planted as part of a series more than 120 years ago at the request of Chico founder John Bidwell. Two more cedar trees in the area, one by Lassen Hall and another by Whitney Hall, are in good health and will remain in place, Garza said.

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