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Chico State student Sydney Oliva enjoys the fall weather and beautiful scenery near Bidwell Mansion on Saturday. Photo credit: Maury Montalvo

Maury Montalvo

December 2, 2018

Chico State student Sydney Oliva enjoys the fall weather and beautiful scenery near Bidwell Mansion on Saturday.

Agriculture brought to the city

Plump pumpkins from the harvest festival Photo credit: Justin Jackson

Justin Jackson

November 5, 2018

Farm City Celebration (FCC) brought the farm to the city, on Saturday, with its harvest festival. The FCC Harvest Festival is a celebration of agriculture. It’s been going on yearly for 14 years. Bidwell Mansion used to run it, but the FCC took it over and made it into what it is now. Theresa Sc...

Lightning splits Bidwell Mansion tree

Many are left wondering if  insurance will cover the damage done to their cars

George Johnston

April 13, 2017

While most Chico State students sought shelter from the hailstorm hitting campus, a bolt of lightning struck a tree by Bidwell Mansion, splitting it in half. Jewel Keahilhau was sitting in her car at the Bidwell Mansion parking lot, recording the hail when the tree split and fell on her vehicle. Keahilhau...

Gateway makes science sweeter with Candy Chemistry

Gateway makes science sweeter with Candy Chemistry

Amelia Storm

March 24, 2016

This Friday and Saturday, the Gateway Science museum will host a sweet event. Literally. Every week the museum hosts an, “Investigation Station;” an activity featuring hands-on labs aimed at engaging the community and making science a fun experience. Do to the upcoming Easter holiday, t...

Walking through Chico’s history

Walking through Chico's history

Madeline Merlic

October 3, 2015

Most cities have a unique history, combined with its culture and people, that define it as a town. Chico is one of these cities. From farming in the north valley to the beginnings of Chico State, these historic events helped shape the present culture. The Janet Turner Print Museum, the Chico Museum and Bidwel...

Stolen vehicle on Cedar St.

Hannah Suzuki

January 26, 2015

University Police Department Call Type: Directed Patrol 7:00 p.m, Modoc Hall "Chico High students smoking outside of Modoc Hall and behind Bidwell Mansion. Women has black wavy hair and wearing bright multicolored backpack with shapes." Call Type: Narcotics Violation 12:10 a.m, University ...

John C. Ayres: More than just a name on campus

Ayres' daughter, Jean Ayres-Clark (right), and granddaughter Cara enjoy the University Art Gallery exhibit celebrating Ayres' life and artwork on Nov. 13. Photo credit: Emma Wood-Wright

Emma Wood-Wright

December 1, 2014

Sharp, precise lines intersect, making shapes on a piece of white paper. The watercolor shapes overlap, forming a building that looks like the Emerald City from "The Wizard of Oz." There is no bleeding. There are no imperfections. This year celebrates the centenary of the artist of that piece, whose name is all over campus, altho...

Lost, found: Bidwell mystery box opened

Kirk Coon, supervising ranger, smiles in anticipation before opening the long-lost time capsule left behind at the Bidwell Mansion. Photo credit: Veronica Hodur

Zachary Phillips

December 1, 2014

When construction workers Thomas Williams, Ken Piercy and Brian Wood started digging on the corner of Sol-Wil-Le-No Avenue and the Esplanade, they expected to find concrete, dirt and maybe a few old bottles. What they found instead was memory itself, sealed in a copper box. A time capsule, l...

Bucket list of activities for students

Chico State's Bucket List Photo credit: Monica Fitch

Stephanie Schmieding

September 19, 2014

Stephanie Schmieding can be reached at [email protected] or @stephbottt on twitter.

Retired professor keeps history alive

Wes Dempsey, 82, Chico State's arboretum guide, excitedly explains the magnolia flower to the audience.Photo credit: Maisee Lee

Ernesto Rivera

February 16, 2014

  With more than 200 different trees on Chico State’s campus, it’s hard for a person to keep track. Except for one man. Wes Dempsey, 87, has led campus arboretum tours for more than 30 years and is the guide to all things green at Chico State. His passion and advocacy for the campus arboretum has helped nourish the grounds with people still referring to his experti...

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