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Clear communication key to satisfying sexual encounters

Illustration by J.Q. Hammer

Sophia Xepoleas

January 26, 2015

There is nothing worse than lying in the missionary position and hoping that your partner will hurry up and finish. We’ve all been there and none of us want to go back. Essentially, sex is just a physical activity where body parts collide and interact, but the tough part is making your partner feel genuinely sex...

The O-Face: Discovering deeper definitions of sexuality

Michael Karp Photo credit: Kasey Judge

Michael Karp

March 31, 2014

The past three years at Chico State have really tested how comfortable I am with my sexuality. The experience has also broadened my perspective on what that truly means. When I hear most people talk about being comfortable with their sexuality, they talk about their sexual orientation. While that is one aspect, I...

The O-Face: Stepping from one-night stands to relationships

Michael Karp Photo credit: Kasey Judge

Michael Karp

March 9, 2014

You wake up in the morning next to a person you’ve just met, attempting to relive the events of the night before.It is at this point that the potential relationship teeters on the edge of a cliff.Whether it falls off or carries along its merry way may be determined by a number of things.Here are some questions to ask before developing a one-night stand into a relati...

The O-Face: Making sexual fantasies a reality

Michael Karp

Michael Karp

February 24, 2014

From the French maid to wild domination fetishes, the human race has taken sexual acts to every possible level. About 95 percent of people have sexual fantasies, according to a study from the University of Granada.   I have dozens of sexual fantasies. When I worked as a lifeguard, I always fantasized about seeing a girl...

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