Weekly fit checks: Farm fits


This week’s fit check candidates. From left to right: Lily Schubert and Leah McKechnie. Taken April 6 at the University Farm by Ellie Marty.

Name: Leah McKechnie

Major: Media arts production with a minor in social media analysis and production 

Hometown: Sacramento

How do you describe your style? “A colorful, modest teddy bear who’s a girl with brown hair.” A good outfit, according to McKechnie, involves “class, comfort and swag.”

Fashion icons: Meg Ryan, Zoë Kravitz and Helena Bonham Carter

Leah Mckecknie
Leah McKechnie shows off her full-body fit. Taken April 6 at the University Farm by Ellie Marty.

The fit: 

Shoes – Nike Air Force 1

Socks – Gifted

Pants – Lululemon 

Jacket – Sunday Best

Bag – Coach

Jewelry – Thrifted, Macy’s, markets, Super Silver, antique fairs

Name: Lily Schubert

Major: Plant and soil science major with a minor in biology 

Hometown: Sacramento 

How do you describe your style? “Always dressed for the occasion.” When it comes to days where she works at the Organic Vegetable Project, which lies on the pastures of the University Farm, she describes her style as “outdoorsy and able to get covered in soil.” Outside of the University Farm, Schubert describes her style as “‘90s classics” and “vintage chic.” Her go-to outfit is “a pair of vintage jeans, a nice wool sweater and a cute top.”

Fashion Icons: “The old men of Chico.”

Lily Schubert
Lily Schubert poses with luscious green produce on her hip. Taken April 6 at the University Farm by Ellie Marty.

The fit:

Shoes – Chico Sports Ltd, brand Keen

Socks – Chico Sports Ltd

Jeans – Ebay, brand Dickies

Sweatshirt – Phoebe Bridgers merch

Jewelry – Super Silver, thrifted, antique shops

Produce – Organic Vegetable Project at the University Farm

Ellie Marty can be reached at [email protected].