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‘Orbiting’ is the new ‘ghosting’ and single life has never been weirder

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Brooke Martin

December 14, 2018

When you think about it, we meet so many new people each and every day. However, only a small percentage of these people end up staying in our lives.Friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, family, acquaintances and so on. From the minute we are born we are surrounded by others. The social aspect of our li...

Swipe left on Tinder U

Swipe left on Tinder U

Brooke Martin

September 9, 2018

Almost every college student is aware of Tinder, the most popular dating app. While there are many dating apps out there, Tinder continues to dominate the field. This is especially true for college students. Recently, Tinder released a new app feature called ‘Tinder U’. Tinder claims it wi...

Five first dates in five days

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Piper Loring

May 13, 2018

People typically imagine themselves meeting a romantic partner organically, through serendipity or within a professional field. But times are changing. It's increasingly difficult to meet someone without the shield of technology screens. Busy schedules filled with school, work and extracurriculars...

College students should embrace hookup culture

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Nicte Hernandez

April 15, 2018

Living in a college town is definitely unique. Students not only see each other every day at school but run into one another while shopping, eating out and during the weekends at bars and house parties.When you have such a prevalent drinking culture at Chico State, or at any college campus, the hooku...

Dating in the dorms

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Grant Schmieding

April 9, 2018

“This has been fun, can we go back to your place?” she says, as my heart skips a beat. Now comes the hard part. “Sure, let me just get you a wristband,” I say, feeling like we’re off to Great America. “Did you bring a valid form of ID?” Entering the dorms for the first time feels...

Reliance on technology takes meaning away from real dating

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Danielle Cortes

April 2, 2018

What does dating mean for our generation? I rarely even hear that word in a culture where hooking up is the norm. Dating is very complicated. These days, everybody seems to skip the whole cute dating part, which is upsetting. This is when real efforts are made through special moments like an evening...

Letters to: My future boyfriend

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Danielle Cortes

February 26, 2018

Dear Future Boyfriend,We haven't met yet but I'm patient. Let’s hope we meet face-to-face and not on some dating app like Tinder. I want to meet my significant other the old-fashioned way.Let me start off by saying you are probably the luckiest guy in the world because you will be dating me. I ca...

The O Face: College relationships are bound to fail

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Mina Marjanovic

October 21, 2016

It was not until I had moved in with my college boyfriend that I realized I wanted out. Not just out of the house, but out of the relationship. This experience made me realize that most college relationships are doomed. Being a college student is stressful enough. Students attend classes, participate...

Perks of a Summer Fling

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Lorinda Sasan

August 22, 2016

This summer was the first in a long time where I've been single. According to a myriad of Cosmo articles and the personal testaments of my single friends, summer is the best season to be sans-significant other. The balmy weather makes it so easy to meet people out and about, and for college students co...

Don’t settle for monogamy

Don't settle for monogamy

Rachel Reyes

August 19, 2016

Last weekend, my friend and I were having our morning coffee at Starbucks and started discussing the animosity we had towards those who frown upon casual dating.Our loud voices seemed to have triggered the lady sitting right behind us because she turned around and began scolding us about how we should...

A señor’s fresh perspective on love

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Miles Inserra

May 11, 2015

In all of its facets, age is a puzzling concept. As I mature, the idea confounds me more. Still, I have my moments when I stop thinking so damn hard and everything makes sense: Age is experience. This is my sole reason to believe it is appropriate for a senior in college to date a freshman in college, bu...

Tinder ignites casual sex, burns down thrill of chase

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Miles Inserra

February 23, 2015

Our world today is gravitating more and more toward a technology-driven society.With recent technological advances resulting in devices like the iPad Air 2, the iMac and the iPhone 6, children now toy with gadgets that past generations would have received as graduation gifts. Thus, it should come as no su...

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