Letters to: My future boyfriend


Photo credit: Jessica Johnson

Dear Future Boyfriend,

We haven’t met yet but I’m patient. Let’s hope we meet face-to-face and not on some dating app like Tinder. I want to meet my significant other the old-fashioned way.

Let me start off by saying you are probably the luckiest guy in the world because you will be dating me. I can only hope you are not like the other guys I’ve dated because they did not deserve me.

I hope we become close friends first rather than jumping into a relationship. In college commitment is a big deal. I want to be your best friend before being your girlfriend.

I wouldn’t call myself “needy” but I certainly want to feel special. Let me know you are thinking of me with “good morning” and “good night” texts. Do not take me as that girl who needs constant attention. I know how to be independent, I just have expectations that need to be met.

I hope we have common interests but I don’t mind if we have differences. In fact, I would enjoy experiencing new things, it would be very interesting. As long, as it doesn’t involve hunting or fishing because I’m vegan.

Take notes. My dream date would be us getting some coffee and, yes, I expect that you will spend $5 on me. Sorry, I’m not cheap. Then, you’ll spontaneously surprise me with an adventure in nature while we listen to great music. Not country music, that’s a deal breaker. While exploring nature, I hope you don’t get annoyed at how many times I ask you to take pictures of me for Instagram. Sorry, it’s a lifestyle.

Oh yeah, one thing I forgot to mention, don’t forget to change your relationship status online so we can become Facebook official!


Your Future Girlfriend.

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