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Chico ‘Great Debate’ questions social media

(Left to right) Alexander Stolp and Cody Peterson. Both participated in the final debate. Photo credit: Julian Mendoza

Julian Mendoza

April 17, 2019

This year's Great Debate focused on the concept of engagement in democracy.Two teams debated that question in a modified format of the National Parliamentary Debate style on Friday.The teams were split into affirmative and negative sides of the argument and both sides would bring multiple arguments to the table at T...

Feminists respond to meninism

Getty Images by Chris Madden.

Rachael Bayuk

October 17, 2018

Do we even have to?Meninism started as a joke. It should end as one too.To suggest that the Meninist "movement" is a legitimate and positive thing is ridiculous. They are not revolting against a power structure designed against them. There are not healthcare issues they must fight for. No laws that go...

Call of the contrarian

Photo credit: Grant Garnsey

William Rein

May 6, 2016

To be a contrarian is to disagree with the majority consensus on principle — no matter how criticized that position might be.When I began actively studying logic, I was amazed with its simplistic deductions and validity and how much stupid bullshit I had previously believed in. I came from a li...

Be civil in Facebook political debates

Photo credit: Helen Suh

Brittany Mcclintock

May 3, 2016

Social media is all about sharing personal things or random cat videos. Facebook is the biggest platform to post articles about things that a person typically cares about. And more often than not, people post political articles, especially now since it’s an election year.The only thing about pol...

Vegetarians are less ethical than omnivores

Photo credit: David Molina

William Rein

February 25, 2016

Eating meat is a choice humans can make. My only real opinion, about anything, is that no one should make a choice for someone else, being a believer in the preservation of human dignity concerning voluntary decisions.However, in the contemporary meat-eating debate, there are certain uncontested ethics wh...

Voicing opinions is hard, crucial

Julianna Eveland

December 8, 2014

I have been writing for the opinion section for two semesters and now realize this is one of the few places I feel comfortable expressing my opinions. In class or in some social situations, I find myself trying to censor my opinions in hopes of not stepping on any toes. Sometimes it's scary to put my tho...

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