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O face: Drunk sex kills orgasms

Janette Estrada

April 2, 2019

Spring is here and as the trees and flowers are blooming, so to are the birds and the bees.Congrats on attending one of the biggest party schools in California, where alcohol penetrates livers in a rallying call for a good time.Part of the college experience is to have as much fun as possible and fo...

Keep Chico state a ‘dry’ campus

Getty Images by DaniloAndjus

Brooke Martin

November 14, 2018

Chico isn’t dry, but Chico State is. Chico is California’s ‘drunkest city’ and is home to the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. Our town is definitely not short on alcohol. Most students accept the fact that we are known for drinking and some even take pride in it. However, the beer and vodka trail ends when students step onto campus.Alcoho...

Hungry drunk threatens to break down doors

Photo credit: Miles Huffman

Kindra Robinson

September 20, 2015

Chico Police DepartmentCall Type: Drunk in Public 2:09 a.m., West Ninth StreetA man claimed that employees at a local store refused to sell him alcohol and then threatened to hit him with a stick. Despite claiming not to be intoxicated, police dispatchers determined the man was likely drunk.Call Type: Suspi...

Life on the wagon: How to party sober

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Dylan Dewit

January 30, 2015

I don't drink. It was a lifestyle choice. I am not religious or a health nut, and I don’t hold any moral dissent to drinking or smoking. I just decided to stop awhile back. I still go out. You might see me running around downtown every now and then. I’ll be the ginger sipping on an iced tea....

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