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Butte College holds ceremony for new welding building

A new welding and manufacturing building has been opened at Butte College Photo credit: Jessie Imhoff

Jessie Imhoff

October 20, 2019

Butte College held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday in order to celebrate their new welding and manufacturing facility.The welding program at Butte College is one of the technical programs that the college offers. The program, which students complete in two semesters, contains rigorous hours and requires dedication f...

Paradise schools are making rebuilding progress after Camp Fire

Posters are hung all throughout Paradise High School's current building, empowering students to stay strong Photo credit: Trenton Taylor

Trenton Taylor

May 1, 2019

There was one thing going through the mind of Paradise Unified School District Superintendent Michelle John on the morning of the Camp Fire, "Get these kids and staff off the ridge safely." “Communications broke down throughout the town, but our busses immediately got the kids, and cell phones were...

Wildcat Will: need or want

April marks a year since the welcome of Wildcat Will at Chico State but is it really worth it? Photo credit: Janette Estrada

Janette Estrada

April 19, 2019

This April marks a year since the welcome of Wildcat Will at Chico State.Initiated in 2008 when a group of university students pitched the idea to the Associated Students representatives, it was to become a symbol of pride and unity.Under the belief that this seven-foot-long, 1,500-pound bronze statue wo...

To be or not to be, financially stable

Janette Estrada

April 16, 2019

Dear financial aid,I am writing a hate letter to you today.I am writing this letter because for the past three years I have been denied my qualifications. Not to say I am desperate, but I have bit my tongue for too long. It is time I confess my sincere acrimony towards you, financial aid.For some, a ...

California school districts visit Chico State for Education Hiring Fair

Jim Hanlon, Assistant Superintendent at Chico Unified School District, talks to students interested in finding a teaching job at the Education Hiring Fair in the Bell Memorial Union. Photo credit: Trenton Taylor

Trenton Taylor

March 11, 2019

Chico State's Career Center hosted roughly 100 school districts across California for the Education Hiring Fair Saturday morning. Students currently in Chico State's credential program, along with those who already have a credential, sought out their future careers within the education industry.The fair was ...

‘Waking Dream’ screening brings awareness to DACA recipients

Dilan Pedraza speaks to students in the CCLC about his experience filming in documentary

Rayanne Painter

March 4, 2019

Navigating through school, society and careers is challenging enough without extra factors. Many undocumented young adults in Chico and throughout the country are required to take additional, and often tedious, steps in order just to acquire the right to work and live safely in this country.Leaders Educating...

The pressures of a first generation student

Getty Images by PeopleImages.

Janette Estrada

February 19, 2019

Imagine blindly walking into the next four years without direction. College is a milestone. We are continuously told education is our dominant weapon. Especially when the man in charge believes Mexico is not sending the U.S. their best. Most people, myself included feel grateful to have the opportunity ...

School children cry out, demand mass pumpkin executions for science

One of the Chico State physics students wearing a pumpkin on his head during the annual pumpkin drop. Photo credit: Keelie Lewis

Dan Christian

November 2, 2018

The piercing screams of children rang out across campus as gourds hit the floor for the Department of Physics and Society of Physics Students 31st Annual Pumpkin Drop. Visiting elementary students reveled and raved as the pumpkins slammed into the concrete. Let it never be said these squash were tossed for naught. These brave, vine-grown vegetab...

Being a first-generation college student

Photo credit: Briana Mcdaniel

Danielle Cortes

April 9, 2018

What does it mean to me to be a First Gen student?In middle school, I thought I had the capability to attend Harvard University, without any idea of how nearly impossible that was.I just did not understand the whole concept of college at this time of my life. I assumed it was a free for all, that ev...

Dependency on technology distracts from real life

Too much technology can be damaging to your grades. Photo credit: Jaime Munoz

Danielle Cortes

March 15, 2018

You're checking your phone simply to see your assignment grade that was just posted on Blackboard, next thing you know your scrolling on your Twitter timeline for a good 45 minutes. Sound familiar? You are probably wondering why this always happens. No matter how hard you resist, your phone is just...

“Women of Wisdom” event to celebrate Native American culture

Tisha Cheney

March 4, 2018

Three Native American speakers will come to Chico State for an event focusing on local tribes and women's stories Tuesday.According to a release, this event spotlights Betty Jo Smith of the Wintu Klamath tribe, Elizabeth Lara-O'Rouke of the Chilula, Hupa and Yurok tribes and Joyce L. Gonzalez of the ...

Butte County program aims to give students educational opportunities

Photo credit: Sean Martens

Josiah Nicholl

February 4, 2018

Education leaders in Chico came together to sign the Butte County Promise Thursday.The Butte County Promise is a program to give all students the opportunity to further their education after graduating high school, by increasing the collaboration of Chico's education leaders to align educational pro...

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