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5 Wildcat email discounts

Photo credit: Briana Mcdaniel

Carson Predovich and Briana Mcdaniel

October 10, 2016

Everyone knows about student discounts, but did you know about these 5 things that can save Chico State students almost $700 in one year?Saving money wherever possible is very important, especially as a college student. Your Chico State email can be used to save you hundreds of dollars a year, and I t...

Malicious email shuts down estimated 1,000 Chico State student portals in past month

Screen captured from the Chico State portal website

George Johnston

February 19, 2016

An estimated 1,000 Chico State portals have been shut down because of a phishing email. According to Chico State IT Support Service staff, an email was sent sometime last month with a malicious link to Chico State faculty, staff, and students. Any person who opened the email had their email shut d...

A case against autokorect

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Sam Rios

February 5, 2016

Languages have progressed along with changing cultures, adapting to new generations. With our generation, the millennials, we see a halt of adaptation. Instead, our language is being drowned out because of the simple style of communication through the smartphone.Whether you like it or not, you most l...

Email scams invade Chico State

Scott Kodai, the ITSS manager, said that students regularly receive scam emails. Photo credit: Katelyn Somers

January 24, 2016

Many people are unaware scams can come through one's very personal emails, profiles and accounts. Social engineering scams are geared toward receiving confidential information by manipulating people through email or by phone, according to the Department Of Homeland Security. What these scams seek vary from passwords to bank information an...

Working WildCat: Rules for writing professional emails

Ariel Hernandez

Ariel Hernandez

March 13, 2014

In a world of texts, tweets and other various forms of fragmented communication, we often forget how to contact someone using a full sentence.   If you’re trying to draft a professional email and are unsure about the proper do’s and don’ts, here are five rules on professional email...

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