Malicious email shuts down estimated 1,000 Chico State student portals in past month


Screen captured from the Chico State portal website

An estimated 1,000 Chico State portals have been shut down because of a phishing email.

According to Chico State IT Support Service staff, an email was sent sometime last month with a malicious link to Chico State faculty, staff, and students. Any person who opened the email had their email shut down by Google and their accounts shut down by Chico State.

“Anybody who clicked on that link registered as strange activity and Google shut what it thought was a compromise account” an employee at ITSS said.

With their accounts deactivated, Chico State faculty, staff, and students are unable to access their blackboard, student Center, and other Chico State systems until ITSS restores the account and changes the account password.

“Our support teams are in touch with yours and working thru this. Hopefully all will be clear and resolved soon,”  Aaron Stein, a representative at Google said. 

Numbers have varied, but over 277 accounts were shut down this week and 250 last week.

Over the weekend according to ITSS employees 300 more accounts were shut down. 

George Johnston can be reached at [email protected] or @gjohnston786 on Twitter.