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Webcam surveillance now school-based

Photo credit: Griffin Wooldridge

Jack Lewis

October 5, 2019

Some Chico State students may have already noticed a change when taking online tests and quizzes through Blackboard, the school's online student portal. The web service, Proctorio, which is currently being tested but not fully implemented, is an online program that makes sure students are not cheating on...

How to spot a phish

Information from PhishMe Photo credit: Connor Gehrke

Hannah Yeager

December 6, 2017

Every student at Chico State has to check Wildcat mail daily, or at least weekly for those who sometimes forget they have one, in order to get notifications for class, student announcements and announcements from teachers and scholarships.Chico State uses Google for the campus email accounts and uses the ad...

32,000 devices needed Eduroam update

Photo credit: Sean Martens

Daniel Wright

April 22, 2017

Chico State’s Wi-Fi, Eduroam, recently underwent a required system update for its registered devices. Eduroam has approximately 32,000 unique devices currently registered with the system. This does not perfectly reflect the number of users, since a single user might have multiple devices registered. Chico...

Eduroam requires an update to access wifi

April 11 is the deadline to update wireless devices. Photo credit: Sean Martens

Jacqueline Morales

March 29, 2017

Chico State students, faculty and staff are required to update Eduroam on their wireless devices.The IT Support Services sent out an email regarding the required configuration to avoid interrupted wireless access. The deadline to make the update is April 11. Once the deadline has passed, devices that ...

Chico State Portal crashes over the weekend

ITSS is located on the first floor of the Meriam Library. Photo credit: Carly Campbell

Carly Campbell

February 21, 2017

An ITSS crash took down the authentification system late last week. Blackboard Learn was still up and running, but the Chico State portal took a hit, leading students to believe their user names and passwords were wrong.According to the IT team, many internet services were unavailable this weekend due to th...

Meriam Library cuts late night hours

Students utilizing the Meriam Library computer lab Photo credit: Kyla Linville

Kyla Linville

September 5, 2016

Late night study sessions may be ending a little early. Meriam Library’s computer lab and lounge hours are changing.Manager of IT Support Services Scott Kodai said, the changes are partly due to budgeting but mostly to keep students safe. “It’s just not safe for students to leave the lab...

ITSS phishing out scam emails

Scott Kodai working in his ITSS office. Photo credit: Elizabeth Helmer

Elizabeth Helmer

March 28, 2016

On Feb. 19, 277 Blackboard accounts, student center accounts and Wildcat emails could no longer be accessed. The accounts were shut down on that late Friday afternoon leaving students stranded for help restoring their online academic lives until the next week. The following Monday, the IT Support...

Malicious email shuts down estimated 1,000 Chico State student portals in past month

Screen captured from the Chico State portal website

George Johnston

February 19, 2016

An estimated 1,000 Chico State portals have been shut down because of a phishing email. According to Chico State IT Support Service staff, an email was sent sometime last month with a malicious link to Chico State faculty, staff, and students. Any person who opened the email had their email shut d...

Email scams invade Chico State

Scott Kodai, the ITSS manager, said that students regularly receive scam emails. Photo credit: Katelyn Somers

January 24, 2016

Many people are unaware scams can come through one's very personal emails, profiles and accounts. Social engineering scams are geared toward receiving confidential information by manipulating people through email or by phone, according to the Department Of Homeland Security. What these scams seek vary from passwords to bank information an...

Antivirus software key to on-campus Internet connection

Chico State sophomore Michael Chalmers is frustrated due to connectivity issues with Eduroam on campus. Photo credit: Sam Barker

Elizabeth Castillo

October 5, 2015

While some students believe that technical difficulties with Internet on campus are caused by Eduroam, the most common problem is due to another program known as ClearPass OnGuard. “All the problems people are having is with ClearPass,” said Scott Kodai, IT Support Services manager. “Our...

Email job offer scam tries to swindle students

Austin Redfern

March 5, 2015

  Chico State students have been the recent target of a fraudulent phishing scam that is showing up in their Wildcat email accounts claiming to offer employment. Sophomore Ariana Baumann had been looking for a job since November when she came across an email from someone offering her $30...

Bug puts Flash Player users at risk

Users are encouraged to update their Adobe Flash Player following discovery of security risk. Visit:

Christine Lee

February 7, 2014

Mac and PC users are urged to immediately install an Adobe Flash update to protect themselves from hackers, according to a campus-wide email. Adobe software released a critical update for its Flash Player, according to the email sent Thursday. If users go to a site using an older Adobe Flash plug-in, their com...

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