32,000 devices needed Eduroam update

Photo credit: Sean Martens

Photo credit: Sean Martens

Chico State’s Wi-Fi, Eduroam, recently underwent a required system update for its registered devices.

Eduroam has approximately 32,000 unique devices currently registered with the system. This does not perfectly reflect the number of users, since a single user might have multiple devices registered.

Chico State’s ITSS department estimates that there are between 17,000 and 20,000 people using the network every week, according to manager of ITSS, Scott Kodai.

For certain windows and iOS devices, failing to run the update by the deadline would not allow the device to connect to the network.

The ITSS department estimates that the update was run about 12,500 times.

“Thanks to the extensive communication efforts, the impact was much lower than anticipated. We were very busy for a few days helping people through the process, but we never had the ‘lines out the door’ that we were afraid we would,” said Kodai.

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