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Faculty help students understand potential strike

The California Faculty Association has set several dates in April to strike. Students and faculty held a session to inform the Chico State campus about it. Photo credit: Elizabeth Helmer

Eric Mcguire

March 16, 2016

Students gathered on March 8 in the BMU to learn more about the California Faculty Association strike. The info session was organized by post baccalaureate student, Mark Faaita, and the Chico State Democrats. Representing the CFA was political science professor, Michael Coyle, who spoke passionately ab...

Wildcats on caffeine

The United States has the highest caffeine consumption in the world. Photo credit: Ryan Corrall

Eric Mcguire

February 22, 2016

College life is full of peaks and valleys. This is especially true if caffeine is what fuels you. Students may become stuck in a cycle, stopping their caffeine intake when their tolerance becomes too high, and starting up again to feel that indispensable burst of energy. While there are a wide range of...

UMatter offers help for students with anxiety

UMatter offers help for students with anxiety

Eric Mcguire

February 14, 2016

Student volunteers and mental health professionals alike have taken on the challenge of raising awareness, reducing stigmas surrounding the idea of getting help for anxiety and convincing Chico State students to join the conversation. The first step has been to make students aware that anxiety is all...

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