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Stop calling strong women ‘bossy’

Julianna Eveland

November 10, 2014

When I was a little girl, I loved to be the leader. I always felt I was the head of my group of friends; the one to call the shots when it came time to play house or choreograph the dances we'd put on for our parents. But as I got older, as I became more aware of the way people view women who take ch...

Opposing inequality of objectification

Opposing inequality of objectification

Zachary Phillips

March 30, 2014

Commercial time. A swimsuit model saunters onto a sandy beach. It's a hot, sunny day — perfect weather for a cheeseburger. Dropping the Carl's Jr. bag on the sand, the model gets down on all fours and spreads out a beach towel. Arching his back like an alley cat, he takes a slow bite of his semi-gourmet ...

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