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Stop calling strong women ‘bossy’

Julianna Eveland

When I was a little girl, I loved to be the leader.

I always felt I was the head of my group of friends; the one to call the shots when it came time to play house or choreograph the dances we’d put on for our parents.

But as I got older, as I became more aware of the way people view women who take charge, I backed down from leadership roles.

When it comes to women, being the boss often goes along with being “bossy.” To put it bluntly, women with power are seen as bitches through the eyes of her subordinates.

To get to the top rung of a corporate chain is a difficult feat for anyone to manage. I can’t say personally that I know what that’s like, but it’s easy to see that getting ahead, as a woman, takes a certain type of persistence and determination that not many muster up.

Personally, I see myself in a lead acting role with George Clooney before I see myself as a CEO of a big public relations firm.

If that seems like a more attainable goal than reaching the top of a major corporation, we have problems.

Nobody likes to be called a bossy bitch when they’re just trying to do their job. It comes naturally to want to be well-liked.

But if you’re going to be a boss — no matter what gender — you have to act like a boss.

I don’t see why, when women take that role on as seriously as men, they are still treated with lesser value or seen as menstruating tyrants who are out to get everyone.

I don’t think banning the word bossy will make any difference. But I do think a change needs to be made.

The negative name-calling and the belief that becoming the top dog means having to jump through hoops and be pegged as bitchy cannot continue.

The change starts with women.

Julianna Eveland can be reached at [email protected] or @janeca12 on Twitter

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