The Orion

Honey Run Covered Bridge: Historic Hangout Spot

Honey Run Bridge is often rented out for wedding ceremonies Photo credit: Courtney Chapman

Courtney Chapman

May 15, 2018

Chico seems to be quite the hub for historic points of interest with over 27 listings on the National Registry of Historic Places. The NRHP is responsible for listing historic and prehistoric places in the United States that are worth preserving. One of these places just so happens to be Chico's very...

Hope shines on El Rey Theatre

An inside look at the historical El Rey Photo credit: Ken Naas

Katia Berg

September 29, 2016

Roaring applause and cheers filled the Chico City Council chambers on Sept. 20 when the city council members unanimously voted to add the El Rey Theatre to the October agenda.The meeting will discuss options to protect the building. The decision came from the joint effort of the El Rey Alliance, a non-profit organ...

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