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The O Face: Drinking to mingle

Photo credit: Briana Mcdaniel

Rachel Reyes

October 16, 2016

Some people drink to have fun with friends, some to suppress emotions, some to fit in and some most importantly to have sex. It’s portrayed in films, TV shows, social media and commercials. Sex and alcohol go hand-in-hand in today’s younger generation. When referring to hookup culture, it’s...

The O Face: When ‘sexpectations’ lack

Photo credit: David Molina

Lorinda Sasan and David Molina

September 26, 2016

What’s the first step in becoming a god/goddess in the bedroom? Perhaps it’s recognizing that you’re not as good at it as you think. Too many people engaging in casual sex are ultimately unsatisfied. It’s not because one or both partners were bad. It’s these awful sexual expectations that...

The O-Face: Beware of hickeys

Photo credit: Emily Reising

Emma Vidak-Benjamin

August 30, 2015

You wake up the next morning and make your way to the bathroom, peeping at yourself in the mirror when you see those big, dark bruises staring back at you from your neck. That’s right, I’m talking hickeys— the unfortunate and dark (pun intended) side of hooking up. Receiving hickeys ...

Back to school, back to hooking up

Illustration by Madison Holmes Photo credit: Madison Holmes

Emma Vidak-Benjamin

August 24, 2015

The weekend night party is an all too familiar scene involving the inevitable hookup. It's an exciting feeling when the party is coming to a close, but you know the night isn't quite over yet.With students returning for the new school year, reunions take place between friends and lovers and new relationships begin to form. Students ...

One in a million swipes to the right

Nicole DiLorenzo and Mike O'Hehir vacation together after finding each other on the mobile application, Tinder. Photo courtesy of Nicole DiLorenzo.

Kameryn Whipple

August 24, 2015

More than a year and a half ago, Chico State student Hailey Erickson made the decision to swipe right. Recently, she has made the decision to move in with the same man that she swiped right for. Erickson and her boyfriend, Chris Bolanos, met on Tinder— a dating app notorious for hookups. But Er...

The O-Face: Handling hookup culture

Michael Karp

February 19, 2014

As a single person, a one-night stand is a constant possibility when going out over the weekend. Welcome to Chico’s hookup culture. In this town and at this school, we live in a culture that is very open in regards to the expression of sexual desire. It is a beautiful environment in my eyes. It has helped me grow immensely as a person and...

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